021.4420 9998 Spesialis jasa pemasangan pembuatan atap canopy polycarbonate, mudah dan murah. Canopy minimalis untuk rumah dan tempat usaha anda.

Self Drilling Screw (Baut)

Screw Cladding / Dinding
SDP-HWF 12-14 x 20mm
SDP-HWF 12-14 x 27mm

Screw Atap Trimdek /Spandek
SDP-HWFTG 12-14/14 x 45mm
SDP-HWFTG 12-14/14 x 50mm
SDP-HWFTG 12-14/14 x 55mm
SDP-HWFTG 12-14/14 x 65mm
SDP-HWFTG 12-14/14 x 75mm

Screw Atap Klip-lock / Boltless / BL600 (water head)
SDP-WAF 10-24 X 22mm
SDP-WAF 10-24 X 25mm

Screw Atap untuk Stiching (sambungan atap)
SDP-HWH 10-16 x 16mm

Screw Truss / reng baja ringan
Screw Truss SDP-HWF 12-14 x 20mm, BZ
Srew Reng SDP-HWH 10-16 x 16mm, BZ
Screw Reng SDP-HWH 8-18 x 13mm, BZ

Accessories Screw
EPDM Bonded Washer Galvanize, OD 16
EPDM Bonded Washer Galvanize, OD 25

Self Drilling Screw (Baut)

Self Drilling Screw (Baut)


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